Stamps and stamped stationery

Stamps, etc., sold

Stamps, envelopes, post cards, letter cards and aerogramme are sold at all Post Offices, including Sub-Post Offices and Receiving Offices.

Value of Stamps

Stamps sold by the Post Office are of the following values:-

Rs. 1.00 Rs. 2.00 Rs. 2.50 Rs. 3.00
Rs. 3.50 Rs. 4.00 Rs. 4.50 Rs. 5.00
Rs. 10.00 Rs. 13.50 Rs. 16.50 Rs. 17.00
Rs. 18.00 Rs. 20.00 Rs. 23.00 Rs. 25.00
Rs. 26.00 Rs. 30.00 Rs. 33.00 Rs. 40.00
Rs. 50.00 Rs. 100.00 Rs. 200.00

Revenue Stamps

Rs. 500.00 and Rs. 1,000.00. Stamps are revenue stamps other than above mentioned stamps and cannot be used as postage stamps nor should be used for mailing articles. Their use is restricted to legal instruments and the like.

No stamp of any value exceeding Rs.200.00 will be accepted in payment of charges under the Post Office Ordinance.

Stamped Stationery

Description Sale Price
Stamped 10 cents, small and thin 6.00 each
Post Cards Stamped 4.00 each
Aerogramme 18.00 each
Post Pack Envelop 20 00 each
Post Pack Box (small) 35.00 each
Post Pack Box (medium) 60.00 each
Post Pack Box (large) 160 00 each

Spoilt or Defaced Stamps

For the payment of postage no postage stamp whether adhesive, embossed, or impressed shall be used, which­

  • has been obliterated, defaced, torn, cut, or otherwise rendered imperfect;
  • has at the time of posting any word, letter, figure, or design written, printed, or impressed upon it, otherwise than by the authority of Government; or
  • has been cut or otherwise separated from stamped stationery; Provided that nothing in this rule shall be deemed to prohibit the perforation of postage stamps with initials or other identifying marks traced in minute holes.

Note.-Postage stamps printed or impressed on envelopes, letter cards, or post cards, may be used in prepayment of postage on any postal article, provided such stamps are not cut or otherwise separated nor ore they imperfect, mutilated defaced in any way and the whole of the address side of such stamped stationery is affixed to the article. Where post cards are affixed to any postal article of another class for prepayment of postage, the superscription “Post Card” on the address side should be neatly struck off before the article is consigned to the post.

Penalty for using defaced Stamps

The using for the payment of postage or postal fees, with intent to cause loss to the Government, of a stamp that has already been used for that or any other purpose, is an offence punishable with two (2) year imprisonment, or with fine, or both imprisonment and fine.

Reply Coupons

  • International reply coupons at Rs. 125.00 each can be purchased at the General Post Office, Colombo. Any other Post Office, at which application is made for International reply coupons, will obtain them for the applicant.
  • The holder of a reply coupon received from another country entitled on presenting it at any Post Office in Sri Lanka, to receive exchange a postage stamp or stamps (as may be desired) of the vale of Rs. 50.00 for an International reply coupon.