Regulations governing posting

Services which cannot be claimed

Post Office officials are not bound to affix stamps to letters or other articles brought to the Post Office, or to give change, or to weigh for the public letters or other articles, except registered articles and parcel which are weighed before being accepted.

Sender to affix Stamps

The stamp or stamps used for the prepayment of the postage due c any postal article shall be affixed to the article by the sender himself before it is posted.

Articles requiring Special Treatment

Letters or other articles intended to be registered or insured, articles intended to be sent as ” value payable “, or with regard to which “certificates of posting” are required, must be presented at the Post Office at least half an hour before the time fixed for the closing of any particular mail, if it is intended that they should be forwarded by that mail.

Late Fee Letters

  • In many towns articles of the letter post may be dropped into the office letter box or be handed over the office counter after the time fixed for the closing of the mail, if stamped with a special late letter fee in addition to ordinary postage. Times up to which such letters are accepted will be found on notices exhibited at Post Offices.
  • In Colombo late letters stamped with a special fee may be posted in the special box provided for that purpose in the stamp counter, General Post Office. Such letters may also be sent by private bag holders wrapped and secured with a paper band marked on front and back with a red cross to attract attention of the officer opening the bag.
  • The late letter fee is 10 cents for an article for the Inland, Indian, or Foreign post. The times at which late letters can be posted at the different offices are notified locally.
  • Articles of the letter post posted in letter boxes of Post Office Vans attached to mail trains must invariably be stamped with the late letter fee or they will be surcharged.

Postal Articles bearing high-value Stamps

  • Unregistered letters and other articles for Ordinary, Sea or Air Mail bearing stamps to the value of 75 cents or more may be handed in at the counter at any Post Office except the General Post Office, Colombo, during the hours that the office is open to the public.
  • Only letters and other articles bearing stamps to the value of Re. 1 or more will be so accepted over the Stamp Counters at the General Post Office.
  • The stamps on such packets will be cancelled by the Counter Officer in the presence of the person tendering them and the packets retained for the post. They will in no case be handed back.