EMS, which is a postal express service for documents and merchandise,and shall whenever possible be the quickest postal service by physical means.

 This service is available to most of the countries. New destination countries are added all the time. The Rates given below are current at the time of publications. However please make inquiries from the nearest Post Office for your intended destination.

Packing:- Customers are advised to enclose their document in A4 size envelope and merchandise items should be packed in strong cartoon box.

Address:- Customers should clearly  wirte the address and shall provide contact numer , faxcimile number and   e-mail addess for quick delivery.

Charge / Weight:- The minimum charge is calculated for 250 gram and maximum charge for 30 kilos.

International EMS processing centres with customs facilities:

EMS Centre,

Central Mail Exchange,

Colombo 01000, Telephone: +94-11-2320700, 2440159 – Ext :- 201

Telephone:+94112447844, 2328644

EMS Processing Centre , Galle Post  Postal Complex , Galle. 80000,Telephone: +94 91 22 33 221

EMS  Processing Centre , Kandy Post Office Postal Complex,

Kandy 20000

Telephone:+94 81 223 4071

EMS Processing Centre , Post  Office ,  Trincomalee., Telephone :- +94 026222237

EMS Processing Centre  , Post  Office Complex , Jaffna , Telephone:- +94 0212222250

EMS documents and merchadise items are accepted at all Post Offices , Information of some Post Offices are copied below :

Post Office Telephone Post Office Telephone
Borella 269 5747 Kotahena

243 4240

Cinnamon Gardens 269 1020 Maligawatte

243 6245

 Huftsdorf 232 0113 Maradana

269 5339

Havelock Town 258 5810 Pettah

232 7134

G. P. O. 232 6203 Slave Island

 243 5147

 Wellawatte 258 3333 World Trade Centre,

234 6930

Kollupitiya 257 3160

Prohibited Items send by EMS 

Article 15

Coins, bank notes and other valuable articles: It shall be prohibited to insert coins, bank notes, currency notes or securities of any kind payable to bearer, travellers’ cheques, platinum, gold or silver, whether manufactured or not, precious stones, jewels or other valuable articles:

Valueable items should be sent as insured items; however, if the national legislation of the countries of origin and destination permits this, such articles may be sent in a closed envelope as insured items;

In addition, any member country or designated operator may prohibit the enclosure of gold bullion in insured or uninsured parcels originating from or addressed to its territory or sent in transit à découvert across its territory; it may limit the actual value (Rs.2000) of these items.

Shall not contain any postage stamp or form of prepayment, whether cancelled or not, or any paper representing a monetary value.

Below countries have their own legislation regading the EMS.

Bhutan:- Coins, gold bars, bank notes, platinum, precious stones, jewelry, obscene items, explosives, inflammable or dangerous substances, live animals, opium, morphine, cocaine and other narcotics.

Denmark:-  Coins, bank notes, currency notes or securities of any kind payable to a bearer, travellers’ cheques, platinum, gold or silver, whether manufactured or not, precious stones, jewels or other valuable articles.

Germany:-  Dangerous goods, drugs, medicines without prescription, plants, live or dead animals, food, tobacco, alcohol except alcoholic beverages, artworks, antiquities, precious metals and stones, jewels, currencies (cash or paperwork), other payment possibilities (credit cards, checks, etc.), negotiated values at Stock exchanges, scandalous or delicate on political level, counterfeiting.

Greate Britain:- Pl visit  http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/customs/banned-restricted.htm#2-

Kenya :-  Negotiable financial documents , Bonds , Cashiers cheques, Currency drafts , Fishing lures

Netherlands;- Valuable items as defined by the UPU; Imitations; Products obtained through piracy; Non-registered medical and homeophathic drugs an import license or exemption is provided; Foodstuff, i.e meat, fish and mil or related products are not admitted, unless a veterinary certificate/declaration is provided. See EmIS message 09/2004 for information on cigarette and tobacco prohibitions.

Poland:-  All prohibited articles mentioned in art. 15 of UPU Convention: Money, bearer securities, platinum, gold and silver (manufactured or not); precious stones; jewelery; other valuable articles.

Russian Federation:- Prohibited items: money (paper and coins), bonds and debentures, lottery tickets, precious metals and stones, original documents(passports,work books, driver’s license,qualifications and other original documents),narcotics, mood-altering and other drugs(even in the form of medicine), explosive, flammable, radioactive,biological and other dangerous materials,subjects of indecent and immoral character, living animals (except bees, leeches, silkworms), alcohol, ethanol, beer, any type of tobacco and smoking blends, any weapon (parts of it), ammunition for weapon (parts of it), items structurally similar to weapons, culturally valued items, goods subject to rapid deterioration, plants of any form and shape, plant seeds, ozone depleting substances.

Saudi Arabia:- Prohibited items are on the UPU website. Addtionally, all items prohibited according to the Islamic law is not permissible. Also the herbal medicines and other medicines (which require MOH authorization).

Seychelles:- Items prohibited by Government Regulations.

Sweden:- In EMS items it is not allowed to send any kind of valuables (precious metals, precious stones, watches, coins, notes, valuable papers etc.). It is also forbidden to send plastic cards which may be misused by unauthorised persons (e.g. bank cards, credit cards and telephone cards etc.). Nor may tobacco, wine, spirits, weapons, weapon parts, ammunition, illegal narcotics/drugs, as well as refriger (as refrigerated frozen or fresh goods be sent. Nor may cinerary urns, body parts or organs be sent. The same valid for dead.


Enquiries should be made to Post Master , EMS Centre , Central Mail Exchange , Colombo – 01000 or phone 2328644 or 2447844. e-mail address : ems.colombo@yahoo.com


Complaints to be submitted within 2 months of posting date to Assistant Superintendent ( Foreign Mails) , Central Mail Exchange , Colombo – 01000 or by phone 2440668. e-mail address :  fgncmb@yahoo.com