Certificate of Posting

What is a the object of Certificates?

The object in granting certificates of posting is to afford the public an assurance that letters and other articles entrusted to servants and messengers for posting have actually been posted.

How to obtain the certificate

01. A certificate of posting may be obtained in respect of any postal article for which a receipt is not ordinarily given by the Post Office, if the following conditions are fulfilled :­

  • A certificate written in ink shall be prepared by the sender of the articles and presented to an officer on duty at the Post Office along with the articles to be posted during the hours fixed for the posting of such articles.
  • There shall be set out in that certificate an exact copy of the addresses on the articles to which it relates and a postage stamp or stamps shall be affixed thereto in payment of a fee ii accordance with the following rates :­
    • In the case of unregistered letters, post cards, and packets (including registered newspapers and ex­cluding value-payable articles and samples) posted by the same person at one time
    • In the case of unregistered parcels (except value-payable) posted by the same person at one time
    • Chargers: One/Many Articles
    • for one Postal Articles- Rs.40.00
    • from  2-100 Postal items- Rs.50.00
    • from  101-500 Postal items- Rs.60.00
    • More than 500 – Rs.100.00
  • A separate certificate shall be presented for each of the two foregoing classes of articles (a) and (b) with the heading “Certificate of posting for Letters” or “Certificate of posting for Parcels”, as the case may require, and the actual number of articles in respect of which the certificate is required shall be written in words at the foot of each Certificate.

02. The officer on duty shall compare the number of the article, presented and the addresses on them with the entries in the Certificate and if the latter be correct, shall obliterate the postage stamps, shall specify the value of the stamps affixed to those articles in the certificate and shall impress thereon the date stamp.

03. The certificate so perfected shall then be delivered to the person who presented it.

04. Notice is hereby given­

  • That any postal articles in respect of which a certificate of posting is issued, is not registered, and will not be checked in the post but will be treated as if it had been posted in a letter-box ;
  • That in the event of loss, damage, or delay, a certificate of posting will confer no title to compensation ; and
  • That it furnishes no proof of nature of contents.

To obtain complete check in the post recourse should be had t( registration or insurance. No valuable article should be sent by post unregistered or uninsured.