e-Money Order Service (EMO)

e-Money Order Service (EMO)


The e-Money Order Service allows Sri Lanka Post’s customers to transfer their money, electronically. Moving the money transfer from paper to electronic form makes the transfer faster. A person sending a Money Order goes into the post office and pays the money in the post office for an electronic transfer. The money is immediately sent to the receiving branch and then the recipient receives his money.

e-Money Orders are subject to the rules for ordinary money orders. For each e-Money Order issues the system generates a unique PIN Number and the PIN Number will be sent to the recipient by the sender for the verification. Then recipient has to go to the post office with the PIN Number to collect the money.

Minimum amount which the sender can send : Rs. 1.00
Maximum amount which the sender can send : Rs.50,000.00

From(Rs.) To(Rs.) Part of (Rs.) Amount (Rs.)
1.00 2000.00 100.00 3.00
2000.01 10000.00 1000.00 12.00
10000.01 25000.00 1000.00 10.00
25000.01 50000.00 1000.00 12.00