Post cards

Post cards

  1. Post cards must be made of cardboard or of paper stout enough to be easily handled. Folded sheets of paper of which the two inside faces have been completely gummed together so that they cannot entrap other articles are also treated as post cards.
  2. Post cards must be sent unenclosed, i.e., without wrapper or envelope.
  3. The right-hand half at least of the address side is reserved for the address, for indications relating to the postal service and for official labels; postage stamps or postal franking machine impressions must be placed on the address side, and, as far as possible, on the right-hand half of the card. The sender may make use of the back and of the left-hand half of the address side subject to the provisions of paragraph (5) below.
  4. Post cards of which the whole or a part of the address side has been marked off into several divisions intended to receive successive addresses are prohibited.
  5. It is forbidden to join or attach to post cards samples of merchandise or similar articles. Nevertheless, illustrations, photographs, stamps of any kind, labels and cuttings of any kind, in paper or other very thin substance, as well as address labels or slips to fold back for address purposes, may be affixed to them, provided that these articles are not of such nature as to alter the character of the post card, and that they adhere completely to the card. These articles may be affixed only to the back or to the left-hand half of the address side of post cards, with the exception of address labels or slips, which may occupy the whole of the address side. Stamps of all kinds liable to be mistaken for postage stamps may be affixed only to the back.
  6. Post cards which do not comply with the conditions laid down for this class of correspondence are treated as letters, except when the irregularity consists solely of the placing of the postage stamp on the back in which case the cards are considered as unpaid and are therefore treated according to the category to which they belong by reason of the text which they bear or their dimensions.


Private post cards shall not be more than 159 mm by 100 mm or less than 140 mm by 90 mm as regards size


The postage on post cards to all countries served by the foreign post is Rs. 35.00