International Mail

International Mail

General Rules and Conditions

Universal Postal Union

Universal Postal Union is an umbrella organization of UNDP and all countries, except a few  territories, have obtained the membership from the Universal Postal Union and the functions of which are controlled by an International Convention.

This regulations govern the letter post from one country to another country , therefore part of an international scheme applicable to all countries alike, and have been adopted as part of the international obligations of the Sri Lanka Post Office under the Convention.

Foreign Post

The term “Foreign Post” means the post conveyed by sea or by air between any place in Sri Lanka and any place beyond the limits of Sri Lanka.


For purposes of the Foreign Post the term “Correspondence” shall include the following seven classes:

  • Letters
  • Printed Papers
  • Post Cards (both single and reply paid)
  • Literature for the Blind
  • Aerogramme
  • News paper and magazine
  • Document

Prepayment of Postage

Articles other than letters and single post cards must be fully prepaid.

Inquiries and Claims

  • An inquiry in respect of any postal article shall be entertained only if made within 06 months from the date of posting of the article. The inquiry shall, if possible, be accompanied by a facsimile of the address of the article in a small sheet of thin paper.
  • No claim for compensation for the loss of or damage to a postal article shall be entertained where the sender of the article has not made an appli­cation for compensation within a period of six month from the date of posting of the article. (see Liabilities of Post Office for Loss, and Exception to the Principle of Responsibility)

Panel Envelopes

  • Articles in envelopes with a transparent panel are admitted under the following conditions:­
    • The transparent panel must be parallel to the greatest dimension of the envelope, so that the address of the addressee appears in the same direction and the application of the date stamp is not interfered with.
    • The panel must be sufficiently transparent for the address to be easily read through the panel, and any indications other than the address visible through the panel must not detract from the clarity of the address.
    • Panel envelopes of which the transparent portion reflects artificial light are excluded from transmission.
  • Articles in envelopes entirely transparent or in envelopes with an open panel are not admitted.

All postal articles of which the whole or a part of the address side has been marked off into several divisions intended to receive successive addresses are not admitted.