Prohibited and Restricted Articles

Sri Lanka Post does not accept at all certain articles for posting while some articles need special permission. If you don’t follow these rules knowingly or un-knowingly and if found then you are liable to be punished by a court of law and you may get a substantial fine or a jail term or both.

It is in your own interest that you check with the nearest Post Office before mailing an article in doubt.

No explosive, inflammable, dangerous, filthy, noxious, or deleterious substance, nor any sharp instrument not properly protected, or any live creature or other thing which is either noxious or likely to injure postal articles in course of transmission by post or any officer of Sri Lanka Post, may be sent by the Inland Post.

Note.-Magnesium Wondertapers, Aluminium Torches, Electric Sparklers, Magnesium Torches, Amorees, Chinese Crackers, Light Signals, Manufactured Fire works, Matches including Pyrotechnic Matches, Rockets and Sparklers are articles regarded as “Explosives ".

A liquid is considered inflammable which has its flashing point below 200° F and Spirits having a flash point of 96deg F or below or having a greater strength than approximately 60° F under proof (24% alcohol by volume), and turpentine and its products and varnishes of all kinds are included in the term “Inflammables".

Spirits having a flash point of 96° F or below or having a greater strength than approximately 60° F under proof (24% alcohol by volume), and turpentine are included in the term " Dangerous ".

Explanations :- Pins may not be used to fasten the cover of packets or other postal articles, as they are liable to injure other mail matter.

No person shall send by post

  • Any indecent or obscene printing, painting, photograph, lithograph, engraving, book or card, video tape or any other indecent or obscene article or CD, DVD, VCD
  • Any circular or advertisement representing or suggesting that publication or article therein advertised is of an indecent obscene nature; or
  • Any postal article having thereon or on the cover thereof words, marks, or designs of an indecent, obscene, seditious, scurrilous, threatening, or grossly offensive character; or
  • Any proposal, circular, or ticket relating to any lotteries, promoted in Sri Lanka or conducted otherwise than under the Lotteries ordinance or to any Lottery promoted or conducted outside Sri-Lanka
  • Any circular or advertisement regarding drugs or medicines purporting to be remedies for diseases of the sexual organs or sex stimulants; or to be remedies of the sexual organs or sexual stimulants; or
  • The following plants or any part or produce thereof or any extract admixture or preparation from them or any derivative, salt or compound made from or with such extracts, admixtures or preparations (morphine or morphia, heroin, codeine, and dionin which are derivatives of opium; cocaine which is a preparation from coca, and synthetic cocaine are among the prohibited articles).
  • The plants referred to above are­:
    The poppy or opium plant (Papaver Somniferum L.)
    The coca plant (any plant of the genus Erythroxylum)
    The hemp plant also known as bhang, hashish or ganja (Cannabis, Sativa L.)

Provided that nothing in this section shall be deemed to affect the transmission by post of any article specially exempted by or under the provisionsof the Post Office Ordinance, or of any article the transmission of which has been authorised by any written law. Provided further that the provisions of this Section shall not apply when cocaine is sent:-

The plants referred above are

  1. To a person licensed to possess or deal in Cocaine or
  2. On the prescription of a registered and qualified medical practitioner or a qualified veterinary surgeon.
  3. Any Postal packet consisting of or containing two or more postal packets ( of the same or of different descriptions) addressed to different persons at different addresses.

Treatment of Injurious Articles

Any postal article sent by post which is suspected to injurious may, under the authority of the Postmaster General, be detained and opened, and if necessary destroyed.

Treatment of Prohibited Articles

  1. Whenever the Postmaster General has reason to suspect that any postal article other than a closed letter contains anything in contravention of the above provisions (a) to (e) , he may cause such postal article to be detained and opened, and if it is found to contain any such matter he shall cause it to be destroyed.
  2. Where any article specified in section (f) is transmitted by post such article may in course of transmission be detained and disposed of in such manner as may be directed by the Postmaster General by special or general order.

Treatment of Articles fastened with Pins

Articles fastened with pins will be returned at once to the senders, if the irregularity is detected at the office of posting. If detected subsequently, they will be returned through the Returned Letter Office, the pins being first removed.