Registered Mail

Registered Mail
Registration makes the transmission of an article more secure, as it passes through the hands’ of postal officers under special precautions. But the Post Office is not responsible for the loss of a registered article, or to any damage to the contents during transmission through the post. The risk of injury is diminished by the use of registration envelopes (sold at all Post Offices).


  • A postal article of any kind intended for registration must be made up in a reasonably strong cover or wrapper with due regard to the nature of contents and the length of the journey.
  • It should not show any signs of having been opened and reclosed. Articles which have stamp-edgings or labels affixed over the fold or seam will not be accepted.
  • If a letter or parcel is fastened by means of strips of adhesive paper or tape, each strip must bear stamped or printed on it some mark or word distinctive of the sender, such as his initials or name, or must be signed or initialled by him or the person who tender the letter or parcel for registration.

Post Offices from where Registration could be done

  • Postal articles may be registered at any Post Office for trans¬≠mission by post to any other Post Office.
  • An article tendered at a Post Office for transmission by registered post will not be accepted unless it is definitely addressed to a particular person or firm.

How to mail Registered postal items

  • Articles intended for registration shall be presented at the registration counter of the Post Office.

    NOTE : The sender of a postal article is recommended to write his name and address on the cover in the lower left-hand corner, so that the postal article, in the case of non delivery, may be returned to him unopened and without delay.

  • If contrary to this rule, a postal article bearing the word ” Registered “, or any other word, phrase, or remark to the like effect, is dropped into a letter box, it will be compulsory registered with a fine of Rs.100.00, and charged on delivery with a registration fee of Rs.30.00, less any amount prepaid for registration.

A receipt shall be given to the person who presents an article for registration at the Post Office counter.

A receipt shall be given to the person who presents an article for registration at the Post Office window.

Registered mail – Delivery

No registered article shall be delivered to the addressee unless and Until addressee or addressee’s agent has signed a receipt.

The person taking delivery of a registered article must affix his or her signature, in full, if required by the postman or the Post Office, to the receipt and acknowledgment relating thereto. The signature of a witness may also be required, who must, if the postman or other postal officer insists, be a person known to that officer.

The signature should be in ink or copying pencil and the postman or the Post Office is entitled to demand that it should be that of the addressee.

If the outward appearance of the cover gives rise to suspicion of tampering, the addressee is entitled to refuse acceptance and to request that the article be opened at the Post Office in the presence of the Postmaster.

Registered mail – Advice of Delivery

The sender of any registered postal article may arrange at the office of posting, either at the time of posting or subsequently, for an advice of its delivery to be sent to him, by paying a fee of Rs. 30.00 in addition to the postage and registration fee. The fee for such an advice of delivery shall be paid by means of postage stamps affixed to the article at the time of posting; and in the case of a subsequent arrangement, the fee shall be paid by means of postage stamps affixed to a form provided for the purpose.

Any inquiry regarding a registered article, for which the fee for an acknowledgment of delivery has not been paid, shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs. 15.00 in the form of postage stamps enclosed in the letter of inquiry.

Registered mail – Attested or Certified copy of the Original Receipt

The sender of a registered packet shall be entitled to obtain an attested copy of the original receipt, on payment of a special fee of Rs. 100.00 by means of postage stamps to be forwarded with the application if he makes his application for it within six months of the date on which the original receipt was signed.

Registered mail – Compensation for lost items

For the loss of or for any damage to a postal article or the contents of a postal article containing postage stamps, or an uncrossed postal order in which the name of the payee has not been inserted, or a cheque or a dividend warrant not crossed or not made payable to order, or a bank note or a bank post bill, or a bill of exchange, no compensation shall be paid unless such postal article has been registered.

Please inquire from the nearest Post Office how much compensation you are entitled to for lost items.