(1) Single Postcards for transmission by the Inland Post are issued by the Post Office for the use of the public. A Postcard has a stamp of the value of Rs. 10.00 impressed on it and is sold at its face value.

(2) Single post cards of private manufacture, with or without adhesive postage stamps affixed thereto in payment of postage may be transmitted by post as post cards; provided that as regards size they are not more than 140 mm by 90 mm or less than 100 mm by 60 mm and that as regards substance they are neither thinner nor more flexible than the inland post cards issued by the Post Office.

Manner of paying Postage

(1) The postage on all inland postcards shall be prepaid by means of postage stamps affixed or impressed by a stamping die or franking machine in the top right hand corner immediately above the address.

(2) The postage on inland postcards forwarded by means of road shall be Rs.8.00 on each card.

Unpaid or Underpaid Postcards

(1) If the postage on any postcard is not prepaid, charges at double the postage due on it, and shall be recovered from the addressee before the postcard is delivered to him.

(2) If the postage prepaid on any postcard is insufficient, double the amount of the deficiency, subject to a minimum charge of Rs.10.00 shall be recovered from the addressee before the postcard is delivered to him.

(3) The provisions in paragraphs (1) and (2) above shall also be applicable to postcards of private manufacture.

Special Rules

(1) Whatever is printed on the address side of the inland official postcard issued by the Post Office , except the official emblem and the stamp , is permissible on the address side of cards of private manufacture.

No postcards shall be posted or transmitted which is folded, cut, or altered otherwise than by the perforation of the impressed stamp with initials, or is enclosed in a cover of any kind.

The right-hand half of the address side of a postcard is in all cases reserved for the address of the recipient, for the postage stamp necessary for prepayment, which should, so far as possible, be affixed in the upper right-hand corner, and for postal directions (such as ” Registered,” ” Acknowledgment due,” ” Stamped,” ” Local,” &c.), but the left-hand half of the address side, as well as the back, may be used by the sender for the purpose of a written communication, or may be otherwise disposed of, subject to the restrictions mentioned in clause (2) of this rule.

Note: – A small space marked off by fine lines or minute dots to indicate the place where the postage stamp should be affixed is allowed on the upper right-hand corner of the address side of postcards.

(2) Nothing may be attached to a postcard posted or intended for transmission except:

  • Stamps in payment of postage; or
  • A label or slip of paper completely adherent to the card and bearing the name and address of the addressee; or
  • A similar label (not exceeding 51 mm in length and 19 mm in width) bearing the name and address of the sender of the card;
  • Engraving, illustrations, drawings, photographs, and printed matter on very thin paper and completely adherent to the card.

the articles specified in (c) and (d) above being affixed either to the back or the left-hand half of the address side.

(3) A postcard may be sent by registered post.

Penalty for breach of Conditions

Should any of the conditions laid down in the above Rules infringed, the postcard will be treated as a letter, and the amount of postage prepaid will be taken into account in assessing the postage to be charged on delivery. If an inland postcard be addressed to a country served by the Foreign Post, it will be disposed of under the Rules for the Foreign Post.