About Us

Department Of Posts

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most distinctive institution in Asia to provide fully productive and quality Postal service based on modern technology as to customer delight.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an attractive postal service locally and internationally using resources efficiently in partnership with the private sector by using resources efficiently, introducing modern technology, motivating the staff in a pleasing working environment while adhering to productivity concepts and winning the trust of customers by creating new services and improving existing services.

Major functions

  1. Provision of an efficient and reliable service in tandem with all stakeholders as a team under any environmental and social condition under the guidance of the leadership and the promotion of income.
  2. Formulation and implementation of a strategic plan focused on new technological market and that advances the cause of the postal service in collaboration with the relevant stake holders.
  3. Bringing about an attitudinal change for the provision of a dignified service, updating intrinsic value systems of the Sri Lanka Post as a flagship communication entity of the state sector.
  4.  Deploying the disciplined staff empowered by continuous training and a system of methodical performance appraisal in such a way to consolidate the public trust.
  5. Becoming the best postal hub of South Asia by providing a more efficient service through proper study of work, income-based grading and employee motivation.
  6. Making the post office network a commercial center providing multi-purpose services that can attract tourists and win public trust.
  7. Converting the postal service which has earned the confidence of the consumer by providing a door to door service into a more qualitative and more efficient service by employing modern marketing strategies.
  8. Achieving institutional improvement   by the optimum use of technology with local and foreign assistance.
  9. Making the consumer delighted by offering services in a pleasing and attractive office environment.
  10. Sri Lanka Post which holds the membership of the Universal Postal Union, has won the public trust, is equipped with an island-wide network conquering the technology-based competitive market.
  11. Formulating laws that ensure the monopoly in the delivery of letters and give competitive edge and efficient acceptance, transportation and distribution of postal items.
  12. Enhancing quality and effectiveness of services provided by making use of rapidly developing infrastructure facilities.
  13. Motivating the staff by implementing a methodical promotion procedure and transferring system for the provision of quality and efficient consumer service.
  14. Introducing a viable and transparent technology-based audit and investigation system agreeable to all.
  15. Efficiently employing the support services making timely and forthright decisions with the relevant parties, while innovatively absorbing the advantages of the rapidly growing advertising market.
  16. Expanding the postal service to satisfy the needs of the Sri Lankans living abroad.
  17. Gaining competitive advantage by reorganizing the organizational structure and formulating the relevant laws.
  18. Gainfully employing creative contribution of trade unions for the betterment of the institution and establish industrial peace.
  19. With the dawn of peace, promoting postal services by effectively deploying the skilled workforce in communication and social welfare activities.
  20. Taking Sri Lankan identity to the international arena by propagating the hobby of philately within the country and overseas.

Currently we have a total of 4,692 Post Offices in the whole country. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Post Offices – 653
  • Sub Post Offices – 3,410
  • Agency Post Offices – 524
  • Rural Agency Post Offices – 101
  • Estate Agency Post Offices – 04
  • Total – 4,692

Sri Lanka Post was established by the Dutch ruler’s way back in 1798 in the Maritime Provinces of the country with five offices. Today it has grown in to a mammoth organization with more than 19,000 employees. Sri Lanka Post serves a population of nearly 20 million inhabitants in Sri Lanka. During the existence of Sri Lanka Post though known by various names it continued to serve the populace with dedication.

In the year 2,004 we had a Post Office for every 2, 400 people of this country. This in real terms means that there was an office for every 14 km radius. Today majority of our offices are equipped with state of the art equipment to provide an efficient service to our customers.

Through the 4,692 offices we provide a variety of services. We give below a summary of our services but you can learn more about them from the web site.